Music moves the world.

Ming Shih moves music.


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"Ninety eight percent of all students that come to me
at any age are absolutely paralyzed by fear"

Anne Shih

Change Is Coming from Within

Ming Shih removes the drudgery of practicing instruments. Introducing a system that elevates teaching to

WHEN you want it, at the

LEVEL you need it, with the

FREQUENCY you desire.

No other teaching system can help teachers teach better, or move students further or faster, while enjoying themselves in the process.

Based upon the renowned Shih teaching method, our cloud-based approach couples a world-class faculty with cutting-edge AI technology, on a fully-integrated web platform. No other system in the world is more complete — the Ming Shih Academy can grow students from beginner to university, offering broad-scale access to top professors, teachers, and practitioners.

The Ming Shih method has already launched many students onto the world stage. Ming Shih Academy can also guide budding career-path musicians through our artist and concert venue management system.

Built for students who want a quality music education for their own enjoyment or for next-generation career artists, the Ming Shih Academy is poised to educate the world in a new era of music education.

"Music is about to revolutionize education." — Prof. Anne Shih

Students can learn to play perfectly in technique, but without the education that fuels passion, their performance would be no better than what we could teach a robot. Ming Shih Academy trains students not only in the foundations of music, but life itself.

The Ming Shih philosophy revolves around respect for the individual, and to embrace methods to enhance learning at the highest and most efficient levels. The teaching model requires a human touch for understanding and expression, but also employs unique new technologies and AI especially created for musicians to accelerate and enhance the learning process.

Regardless of language barriers or even social distancing, Ming Shih Academy opens new doors for students to learn, connect, and grow in meaningful ways like never before.

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"Music is about to revolutionize education." — Prof. Anne Shih

Individual Learning,

Designed for You

Six billion people in the world yet no two are the same. The Ming Shih curriculum is designed to optimize music education for each individual for the highest level of efficiency and joy.

The Ming Shih program aids teachers to enhance their teaching resources for a complete symbiosis.

The interactive online learning and a comprehensive AI system enables you to set and reach your life-enriching goals.

Ming Shih Academy can also prepare aspiring musicians on the rigors of their career path by providing business networking, marketing, and personal support.


Augmented Intelligence

Ming Shih is launching an App that will complement and revolutionize traditional music teaching with the assistance of AI.

The app has been developed over the last three years by the world’s leading music AI lab at a top university. The App incorporates the Ming Shih teaching methodology which enables students and teachers to experience an efficient and transformative learning platform.

The App uses artificial intelligence, state-of-the-art audio processing and motion capture technology, and is suitable for all educational levels whether a student or teacher.

This project has so far been funded with €1.6 million and is currently proof of concept ready and is already being used by Prof. Shih and her students. We aim to launch the App to the public by the end of 2024.

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World-Class Faculty Certified in the Shih Teaching Method

World-Class Faculty Certified in the Shih Teaching Method

The Suzuki method set a standard for teaching string technique. Ming Shih certification sets a global standard for teaching all instruments, launching initially with violin and piano.

The Ming Shih method includes not only technical instruction, but a much broader understanding of culture, composition, theory, even the motivations of composers that drove them to write works that inspired generations of music lovers.

Our current faculty is world-renowned in pedagogy, having produced excellence in their students at every performance level.

Principals and Faculty

The Ming Shih Academy is supported by and headquartered at the University of Mainz, but is organized by professionals the world over.


Prof. Anne Shih, Mainz University, Germany – Artistic & Education Dir.
Prof. Rafael Ramirez-Melendez – Barcelona, Spain – Dir. of Music AI
Olaf von Hoesslin, Switzerland – COO
John B Costa – Orlando, USA – Director of Online Learning Technology.


Prof. Emer. Julius Berger – Hohenschwangau, Germany
Prof. Patricia Shih – Baylor University, USA


Mih Seon Bahk – Daegu, Korea
Irina Borissova – Mainz, Germany
Prof. Andres Cardenes – Pittsburgh, USA
Prof. Kalvin Chau – Hong Kong
Prof. Guillaume Sutre – Tianjin, China
Yena Lee – Houston, USA
Prof. Patricia Shih – Baylor University, USA
Prof. Chi Sang Park – Daegu, Korea


Prof. Emer. Julius Berger – Hohenschwangau, Germany
Hyoung Joon Jo – Vienna, Austria
Prof. Tilmann Wick – Hannover, Germany


Dag Achatz – Sweden
Prof. Gabriel Baldocci – London, UK
Alessandro Deljavan – Italy
Francois Dumont – France
Prof. Peter Frankl – New Haven, USA
Pavel Kolesnikov – Russian Federation
Prof. William Grant Nabore – Italy and USA
Nadezhda Pisareva – Berlin, Germany
Connie Shih – Germany/Canada
Anna Stepanova – Frankfurt, Germany
Georgy Tchaidze – Berlin, Germany
Xi Zhai – Frankfurt, Germany and China

Principals and Faculty

Introducing the World's First Integrated Festival Circuit

The world has long enjoyed music festivals, but none of them communicate with each other. Ming Shih Academy, in keeping with our mission to provide performance opportunities, will unveil the first-ever Festival-In-A-Box, whereby any city in the world may use a turnkey system to produce and promote a local music festival. When the world safely opens again to public gatherings, we’ll be ready.

Additionally, through the Ming Shih network, local festivals may glean new ideas and strategies to tailor their festival to their locale, but also benefit from bringing in world-class talent from other Ming Shih festivals in other cities, bolstering prominence and audience appeal.

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